Akothee is proof enough why men should steer clear of single mothers

The actual title I wanted to go with was “Akothee is proof enough why men should steer clear of single mothers who want to be a Madam Boss” but I thought it too long yet it really sums up the entirety of what I want to say perfectly.

Nimechoka Na Mapenzi- Akothee Confirms Break-Up With Nelly Oaks, Says She’s Not Ready For Any Commitment

You see, when the simp, the buffoon, Nelly Oaks decided to date Akothee, I said things would soon go awry. Especially after I found out from a mentor and close friend of mine that he had already lost so much in his effort to try and make her happy and she hadn’t sacrificed anything… I am referring to the fact that his father was offended by the relationship which he might have thought of as predatory given the vast difference in age and experience.

As if to add salt on injury, she really had little to offer him in the sense of legacy. She doesn’t seem to want anymore children so he was sacrificing that aspect of himself too. And then she dumped him in such a dismissive way saying amechoka na mapenzi.

“Ofweneke is mine” Akothee confesses

And this brings us back to asking what exactly single mothers have to offer their partners. You see, Akothee is not merely a single mother but she is the “President of Single Mothers”. That is the title she gave herself. And though we have to commend her for really taking care of herself and looking great not just at her age but for the fact that she has sired 5 children, she is still single mother with deep ties to some of the fathers of her children.

Yet, when we discuss single mothers, women on social media want to act as if Nelly Oaks’ experience is not the average but rather an outlier case. So let us delve into this particular case of one man who dated a high profile single mother.

I Don’t Entertain Insecurity- Akothee Commands Nelly Oaks To Publicly Declare Her As His Wife

For starters, Akothee is a very wealthy woman, having invested the money from her white baby daddies wisely. As a result, she flaunts her wealth on social media. That created the impression among many that he was merely a social climber. That did damage to how everyone viewed him.

Then to top it off, he actually invested effort and time into trying to get to know her children. He actually spent time with them to the point they bonded. So not only has he lost her, he has lost the children whom he had grown to love.

‘I See Divorce Everywhere’- Akothee On Why She Will Be Keeping Her Love Life Off Social Media

Add to this the fact that she had invited him to live in her house. Yup, Nelly Oaks had taken up residence at Akothee’s mansion. Now he has to move out and start adjusting to being a bachelor once more.

Also, I doubt he was ever allowed to discipline her children. Really though, I highly doubt Madam Sibuor (Madam Lioness) would allow her children to be disciplined by her young lover. So whenever they started acting up, he had to repeatedly say, “I’ll tell mum!” like an impotent after figure.

Akothee finally admits Nelly Oaks is just a toyboy as she shares romantic text from mzungu sweetheart  

And still, someone will purse her lips to foolishly yell about how messed up it is men are steadily waking up to the fact that it is such a bad idea to date or even marry a single mother? Make it make sense. Do you want to know what makes all this worse? The fact that I can actually imagine Nelly Oaks begging Akopthee behind the scenes to take him back and make him a happy simp.

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