Akothee is reaping the energy she put out to fans

Akothee recently highlighted a fan who wished her to miscarry the baby she was with and sadly that was precisely the case she was dealing with that saw her hospitalized.

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She and her new mzungu had been blessed with a baby but sadly she couldn’t carry it to term. And as you can imagine this was a truly traumatic. The couple who are currently taking time to not only recuperate but shower each other in love.

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So why did the fan come out to wish death upon Akothee’s unborn child? Why would anyone feel comfortable to put such negativity out in the air and why would anyone be stupid enough to put it in black and white on a Facebook post?

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To understand that we also have to interrogate the type of energy madam boss has been putting out. Because let’s face it the past couple of months have seen her be nasty, cantankerous and unpleasant on social media.

She has been Conjuring up demons and seeing enemies even in her shadow whom she then begins to berate and attack and pretend she’s doing so fighting for her family to be respected.

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She has literally been lying about what bloggers have been saying, conveniently forgetting the fact that she feeds them with the information that they put out. If she want as talkative and argumentative as she is on social media, no one would have anything to say about her.

And her fans have been taking note of this. The problem with being argumentative and derisive on social media as you begin to attract the type of people who naturally gravitate towards such content and it should come as no reminder that they too are negative.

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In a nutshell, Akothee has been creating her own demons and they have indeed materialized and want to let her know of their existence which is why someone would make such a while prayer to god almighty wishing for her baby to die.

You have to wonder why other celebrities do not meet this level of toxicity of negativity on their social media accounts. She’s the only celebrity who routinely has to deal with some of the most dark comments and spiteful followers.

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And sadly this is not a lesson she will learn anytime soon as she continues to encircle herself with yes men who are call her out on the fact that she is the one creating such a negative environment. And perhaps the solution she’s looking for is as simple as taking a social media break.

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