Akothee Should Let Her Daughters Date Her Mzungu Boyfriend

Akothee is on the verge of getting married for the 3rd time; And yet again, it’s a white man who’s up for her hand in marriage.

Despite having a previous tumultuous relationship with several men, Akothee claims that her new white boyfriend is ‘the one’ since he has made her happy ever since they met while they were on vacation.

According to Akothee, the fella doesn’t want to waste time to marry her. She even flaunted photos of her bride price negotiations and stated that she’s set to get married to ‘Omosh’.

Akothee admitted to hospital

Bear in mind Akothee claims to be a role model to her children. But actually, her daughters have not had controversies when it comes to relationships- unlike Akothee who hops from one relationship to another carelessly.

Like Kibe claims, her daughters should be the ones to be falling in love numerous times to learn the pros & cons of the relationships. And their mum should only focus on their upbringing & her businesses.

Either way, Akothee never cares what people have to say about her: but only focuses on her happiness. For now, she’s claiming that she found the love of her life and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. But the big question remains- will this one end in premium tears like her previous relationships?

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