Akothee’s asks “Omosh” an insane request

Akothee and her husband are traveling to celebrate their second honeymoon. She took the time, as she always does, to share a bit of her experience with her internet fans.

Madam Boss and her husband Dennis shared a moment while eating on the KQ flight. He asks her to speak something in his language, and when she doesn’t succeed, she demands that he say it in Kiswahili.

“Chakula chema hakuna la ** hapa. This is Kenya Airways. This is not Swiss Air. So say chakula chema or I call the crew to come take away the food. Chakula chema, hapa tunaongea Kiswahili.”

Akothee and “Omosh” inform followers on Instagram that they are traveling for their honeymoon.

“Honeymoon continues. Omosh says we shall be on honeymoon until the next wedding, he is loving me in different angles & styles ????????????????????????Hera nega nyathi jomoko. Guess our Next honeymoon destination& The flight booked .@misteromosh.”


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