Ali Kiba Speaks On His Admiration For Kenyan Music

Renowned Bongo Flava artiste Ali Kiba has revealed his deep admiration for Kenyan music. Speaking to journalists in Nairobi on Wednesday, Kiba said that he was impressed by the songwriting abilities of Kenyan musicians and the meaningful messages that their music often conveys.

“I love Kenyan music and I love artistes who write their music,” Kiba said. “Before they could sing, but I prefer a well-written song that carries a good message. The improvement in their craft is why Kenyan music is now widely listened to.”

Kiba, who is currently on his Mahaba tour of Kenya, said that he was particularly impressed by the work of artists such as Sauti Sol, Khaligraph Jones, and Nadia Mukami. He also praised the Kenyan music industry for its support of young talent.

“I am afraid to mention certain artistes, but I appreciate those who can create exceptional music,” Kiba said. “The Kenyan music industry is doing a great job of supporting young talent, and I am excited to see what the future holds for Kenyan music.”

Kiba also spoke about the term “King Kiba,” which is often used to refer to him. He said that he never claimed the title for himself and that it was only bestowed on him by his loyal fans.

“I have never claimed to be the King of Bongo,” Kiba said. “That title was given to me by my fans, and I am grateful for their support.”

Kiba’s comments are a testament to the growing popularity of Kenyan music. In recent years, Kenyan music has become increasingly popular in East Africa and beyond. This is due in part to the quality of Kenyan music, but it is also due to the hard work and dedication of Kenyan musicians.

Kiba’s comments are also a reminder of the importance of supporting young talent. The Kenyan music industry is home to a wealth of young talent, and it is important to support these artists so that they can continue to create great music.

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