Alikiba explains his refusal to grant Joho’s niece divorce

Alikiba’s Kenyan wife, Amina Khaleef, recently asked him to sign their divorce papers, citing disrespect as the reason for her request. In response, Alikiba said that he is willing to sign the papers, but he wants to find a solution to the problem first. He also said that he does not want to mix his personal life with his professional life, and that he tries to keep his brand drama-free.

Alikiba’s statement is consistent with his past behavior. In the past, he has unfollowed women on social media who have been rumored to be his girlfriends. He has also avoided addressing rumors about his personal life in the press.

It is unclear what will happen next in Alikiba’s marriage. However, his statement suggests that he is willing to work towards a solution, even if it means signing the divorce papers.

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