“Alinicall 7 pm sitawahi sahau” Bridget Achieng reveals how her hand tattoo landed her a date with Alikiba

Bridget Achieng has a tattoo of Alikiba on her left land. The bootyful Kenyan socialite had a nice time with Alikiba thanks to the tattoo.

Bridget has been a die hard fan of Alikiba for a long time. She even decided to have a tattoo written ‘King Kiba’ on her left hand just to demonstrate her love for the Tanzanian singer.

Bridget Achieng
Date with Kiba

Bridget claims Alikiba called her after learning about her tattoo. Speaking during an interview on Viusasa, the bumful socialite reveals that Alikiba invited her to a party in Tanzania which was attended by senior government officials.

“Alinicall on a Wednesday 7 pm sitawahi sahau. the number was a +255 nikashangaa ni nani i picked up and it was Alikiba i was shocked hadi i hang up alafu nikamcall then he asked me naweza kukupigia? he called back and we talked. ever since we have been video calling he even invited me to a house party in Tanzania that belongs to a minister and we chilled the whole night and talked. ilikuwa na wasee wakubwa weh!” Said Bridget Achieng.

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