Amber Lulu’s breakup with Prezzo is now inevitable

Amber Lulu’s break up with Prezzo is no longer a matter of if but when. The Tanzanian video vixen is also anticipating the split with the Kenyan rapper.

Prezzo is a seasoned heartbreaker judging from his past relationships. Any lady who dates him certainly knows she will be dumped at one point or another.

Prezzo hooked up with Amber Lulu sometimes in September 2017. The controversial rapper started his relationship with Lulu while at the same time he was said to be dating Noti Flow.

Amber Lulu and Prezzo

Lulu’s game plan

Amber Lulu is anticipating a breakup with Prezzo and she is already taking steps to cushion herself. The video vixen says she will hook up with her ex boyfriend Young Dee just in case things fail to work with Prezzo.

“Ndiyo siku nikiachana na Prezzo lazima nitarudiana na Young Dee,” wrote Amber Lulu.

Amber Lulu and Young Dee

Amber Lulu used to date Tanzanian rapper Young Dee before Prezzo came into the picture. Lulu and Young Dee broke up in September 2017 before she hooked up with Prezzo.



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