Amber Ray and kennedy Rapudo: Showing us how blended families work

I know there are so many prophets of doom who have already foreseen the ugly ending between Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo; but then again, si tulisema pia ya Karen Nyamu itaisha na machoozi…..and now look.

Anyway whether its a shortterm relationship or long-term one thing we are learning from the couple is that blended families now work better than they did in the past. This is after the two linked up their kids (from previous marriages) for a family day out and judging from the posts shared online – lets just say wamefit so perfect kama glove.

This is also shows us the kind of relationship Rapudo has with his ex wife….and so far – the two appear to have moved on and are just coparenting – meaning they both have a right to introduce their kids to their new partners.

Amber Ray and Amira on kids

Asking how i know? Well, a while back Amira called out Amber Ray for allagedly trying to communicate with one of her sons (Amira’s) and this brought too much drama….and i am guessing its because Amira had not accepted that Amber Ray as Jimal’s potential wife.

However if she had, i am guessing Amber Ray would loved to have them as small brothers to her first and only child, Gavin – but it ended in tears.Anyway- at the end of the day everyone is different, but then again we are starting to see why Rapudo fell in love with Amber Ray…..she makes a good mum.

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