Amber Ray Responds To Dem Wa Facebook Claiming To Be Her Co-Wife

Comedian Dem Wa Facebook is taking the internet by storm with her recent hilarious content. This up-and-coming star has been particularly playful in her interactions with her boss Oga Obinna, social media influencer Amber Ray, and her fiancé Kennedy Rapudo.

Dem Wa Facebook’s recent outing perfectly captures her lighthearted personality. She attended the first birthday party of Amber Ray’s daughter, Africanah Rapudo, on May 18, 2024, looking stunning in a red dress and heels. Fans loved her new look, complimenting her with “ate the look!”

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But the real highlight came during an interview, where Dem Wa Facebook, in a humorous twist, declared herself Amber Ray’s co-wife! Playfully requesting her boss to take Amber Ray home, she revealed in the friendly banter with both Rapudo and Ray.

Amber Ray then responded to Dem wa Facebook by referring to her as ‘bibi mdogo’ which she meant, her co-wife. Dem wa Facebook has been open in declaring her love for Amber Ray’s husband Rapudo, claiming that she doesn’t mind being his second wife.

While some fans found her jokes hilarious, others expressed concern in the comments, advising her to be mindful of her humor’s potential to be misunderstood.

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Dem Wa Facebook has also faced rumors of dating her boss, Oga Obinna. However, she has consistently clarified their professional relationship, praising him for his career support. Fans have even weighed in, urging Obinna to consider her for his real-life partner, but he maintains they are strictly colleagues.

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