Amber Ray Sues Madollar Mapesa For Defamation

Kenyan socialite Faith Makau has taken the legal route against Madollar for what she claims is defamation. This is after Madollar termed her as a con and claimed she’s been faking her deluxe lifestyle.

Madollar made a post on his Instagram page calling the popular socialite a street beggar and a con artist. He further alleged that she makes her money through dubious means and that the flamboyant lifestyle she displays is fake.

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And Amber Ray was definitely pissed off by this guy’s sentiments. And after her statement, she gave a stern warning to anyone else who thinks of doing such;

In this world, it is easy to misunderstand intentions, but when I have no intention to be understood, I have to protect myself because unlike most people out there, I’m not going anywhere…I’m the destination! So if you have something to say about me, be sure of the source. I will no longer take bullshit.
Also note that I will speak no more about this matter, anyone with any questions about it talks to my lawyer.”

In Amber Ray’s statement, she also addressed how upset she was that her son was also in the midst of the online discussion, adding that his privacy was breached. Check out her statement below;

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