Amber Ray’s Boyfriend Defends Her Against Cheating Allegations By Her Ex (Screenshot)

Amber Ray is currently with another man, just a few weeks after breaking up with her Australian boyfriend Kabba, who they stayed with for less than 3 months. Amber is not tardy when it comes to moving on. And she doesn’t hide the fact that she can replace anyone within a short period of time. Neither does she hide the fact that she’s got options. This time, it’s her boyfriend Kennedy Rapudo’s turn to suffer! I mean, we all know how Amber Ray’s relationships end. And she’ll move on with a minimum of fuss.

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Amber’s New Relationship

Anyway, the voluptuous socialite’s current and ex have recently taken a swipe at each other. The Sierra Leonean dude doesn’t seem to have fully moved on from Amber. He’s been on her neck ever since their separation. One for Amber’s haste in moving on with his ‘friend’- This were his words verbatim. According to Kabba, Amber was cheating behind his back while they were in the relationship.

His Instagram post read;

”It’s so funny because after introducing a man to me that this man is my friend we even chew together all of the suddent he is your boyfriend. It means you guys were effing beyond when we were still dating it’s so crazy fear women.”

But Amber’s current boyfriend has refuted being friends with Kabba- defending Amber Ray against the cheating allegations. His post read;

”On a lighter note, I’ve never been introduced, exchanged pleasantries or ‘chewed’ anything with anyone. Miss me with that Bs.”

Kennedy seems to be enjoying his new relationship with Amber, but for how long will their happiness last?

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