Amber Ray’s new man forces her to cover up after socialite puts too much flesh on display

Image: Amber Ray

Socialite Amber Ray has been parading her body on social media for years, and I’m thinking…mmmh haven’t we seen it all by now? But no…we haven’t and judging from how her boyfriend is moving – gents, your favorite girl might stop serving steamy photos soon.

Okay jokes asidecan Amber Ray really be tamed? Mmh no or maybe yes….but all I know is that she’d only do this of only it’s worth it. I know you gerrit.

Anyway thanks to a new video shared by the socialite on Instagram, we see her advertising her lotions; but with her bathroom robe open, to display just a section of her chest but bae, Kennnedy didn’t like it. To caption her post, Amber wrote;

Sasa nitatesa aje kwa mitandao hizi restrictions zote (how will I stunt online with all these restrictions?)

Kennedy with Amber

Back and forth kinda relationship?

The two recently left many minding their business after revealing they had not parted ways as earlier believed. To be honest – no one actually believed or rather believes they’re in a serious relationship; since we know Amber also works as a paid influencer – which by the way helped grow her ‘man’s’ page.

Remember Jimal Rohosafi, he too benefited from working with her before finally mixing business and pleasure.

But then again, what if – just maybe what if the two are truly in love? Ama niwache siasa?

Watch Kennedy cover up Amber in the video below.


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