Amberay should do everything possible to keep Jimal

Amberay is in a catch 22: damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. What do I mean and what am I referring to? Well, She needs her “marriage” to Jimal Roho Safi to work at all costs.

Amberay: Moving away from Syokimau won’t save her public image

And if she is a smart woman, that realization must have already dawned on her. But I am beginning to doubt whether she is indeed working with a full toolbox between her ears.

You see, Amberay and Jimal Roho Safi showboated their relationship for us all to see. This was done regardless of the fact he has a wife, Amira, at home with him raising their sons.

We were right, Amberay is ruining Jimal Roho Safi’s family

Faith Makau wanted to get married and she was going to achieve it by any means necessary and so she essentially forced Amira off her perch as Jimal’s wife and the two began gallivanting all along the intergalactic highway.

Jimal and wife, Amira

If you have been consuming my opinion pieces, then I have doubtless informed you that a mentor of mine who founded and used to run a gossip blog had informed me that Amberay was infact married as a second wife to an aspiring politician by the name of Zaheer Jhanda.

Why men are offering Amberay money for her sister

That marriage too was shortlived and nearly cost him his family as his wife too was publicly humiliated and disrespected and that is the one thing women do not forgive: public shame.

Jimal Rohosafi

So with that background, Amberay finds herself in the undesirable position of having publicly fought to be recognized as Jimal Roho Safi’s wife only for him to seemingly move away abruptly.

Bwana Mangoes doesn’t seem to have thick enough skin to deal with all the scrutiny nor does he have the mettle to deal with a polygamous family. And everything seems to be taking a toll on him. Edgar Obare revealed that Amira has alleged he is abusive. At the same time, one of his business partners has come out to second those allegations.

Jamal introduces Amberay to his people

And all this, coupled with how useless he has been at managing his household seems to have taken a toll on his mental frame and he has buckled under pressure and run away from social media.

And Amberay has been forced to start taking steps to distance herself from him and these are telling signs all is not well between them.

Amber Ray

But she needs to make the relationship work. Otherwise, she has ruined her son’s life by making him party to her buffoonery for no reason at all.

Amberay must make this relationship work because we will not take her seriously otherwise and this bullshit has made her radioactive to any high-value man or common man with common sense.

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