Amefanyiwa ile kitu! Zari Hassan cryptic message on trust issues leaves tongues wagging

Just the other day i was telling a friend of find of mine that it must be nice to be Zari Hassan. And this is because since she met Shakib – her life has been nothing but smooth with lots of love and affection from the youngin….but what i forgot is that every new found love has a shelf life which is why after the honeymoon phase – reality starts to kick in and so do the problems.

And in Zari’s case i guess it’s finally time to embrace the reality and from the look of things – boss lady is not having it easy with Shakib and im guessing he lied and got caught while at it.

I say this after Zari Hassan’s post wjere she wrote:

Some people don’t understand how poisonous lies are. Lies infect and curse happy relationships until you feel sick to your stomach for believing them again.


No matter how much you love someone, sometimes you can’t help but feel like they have stolen your Comfort. You are no longer comfortable because you are guessing everything. Now, trusting them is not a difficult task. Now it takes effort and sometimes that is tiring.

Zari overrwacting to Shakib’s interview?

However her snapchat post comes a few days after Shakib finally confessed to knowing Shamirah Nalule Sembatya during an interview where he said;

I know Shakirah Nalule, and she was my girlfriend eight years ago but never got married.


She even wanted me to go to America while I was in South Africa, but I refused after finding out that we are both from the same clan, “Ngonge” not only that she also has six children from different men

And right after this we stopped seeing the happy couple posting photos and videos like before – which could only mean two things….either they have relationship issues caused by trust issues or they have parted ways now that the fairytale is over.

But then again…..would Zari let the guy go after so much fun? I highly doubt it.

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