Amira Blasted For Maintaining Jimal’s Name Despite Divorcing & Hating On Him

Image: Jimal and wife, Amira

Amira and Jimal have recently been topping the charts over their unsettled predicaments following their divorce. They have been locking horns ever since the break-up, and nothing seems to stop them from roasting each other on social media.

Despite having 2 sons together, the two are no longer seeing each other, nor co-parenting. Amira narrated how difficult their marriage has been and that she has been trying to hold on to the marriage for long but her efforts were ending in a cul de sac.

An emotional Amira claimed that Jimal’s violent nature expedited their divorce and she could no longer hold on.

After a while, Amira started roasting Jimal mercilessly. Her repertoire of roasting Jimal was recently witnessed after Jimal was accused of faking the price of his watch.

This is just among the few things she has used to throw shade at him. And it’s now in black & white that she loathes him.

But the intriguing thing is that she has still maintained his name; which she allegedly registered with while they were together. Amira was exposed by a fan. Check screenshot below;

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