Andrew Kibe is right about wife material qualities

Image: Andrew Kibe’s new station ‘Rogue Radio’ officially goes Live on air

Andrew Kibe is back like he never left and the former Kiss 100 and NRG personality had been keeping a low profile after he was caught up in a scandal involving a minor who had catfished him into believing she was an adult.

‘You Must Delete All Social Media Accounts’ Andrew Kibe Explains Qualities Of A Wife Material

He had wisely opted to keep a low profile as feminists and their mentally challenged male allies took shots at him but he has now resurfaced to guide young men into leading their relationships from a point of self-focus.

Andrew Kibe
Controversial radio show presenter and blogger, Andrew Kibe

This time, Andrew Kibe has decided to teach men what exactly “wife material” looks and feels like. What that basically speaks to is the fact that men are usually unsure what sort of qualities to look for in a woman they are dating or looking to settle down with.

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You see, the age old question of what a woman brings to the table has become the focus for many men who feel their partners do not compliment their lives and dating women is akin to raising someone else’s entitled children.

Andrew Kibe
Andrew Kibe while he was at Kiss100

The pointers Andrew Kibe gave are merely the introduction to this poignant topic but I do agree with them. Let us look at what he said and why it makes sense so that you can avoid making silly mistakes and dating women who advise you to get a vasectomy to prove your love only to leave you because they want to explore a new facet of their life.

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She must quit social media

Social media is essentially sexual attention bombarding women 24/7. There are simps singing about how they worship at your feet goddess. So if a high-value man or a man pursuing his goals is dating a woman, she has to quit social media. Why? It is the equivalent of a woman being in a committed relationship while still entertaining men who act as sexual distractions.
Usually a man with options will not stomach this as a relationship calls on him to sacrifice his options for monogamy. Then his woman too will have to quit social media.

Andrew Kibe
Former KISS 100 presenter, Andrew Kibe

Submission is key

The idea behind this ofcourse is that the man in question is a high-value man or is on his mission, trying to put a dent in the universe. That means that he is taking care of his woman. And as a result, she should be submissive. No man wants to fight the world then come home to fight his woman.

Be feminine

This means that you bring feminine energy to your man’s home. And yes, that includes cooking for your man. You see, a man worth his salt is out fighting with the world to create something for himself and his family. Feminine energy helps men relax and decompress.
Think of it like this, no, you cannot do anything about his stress but your feminine energy puts him in a state where he can chill and heal.

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