Andrew Kibe Shuns Judgement On Ndichu Brothers After Emergence Of New Video

The Ndichu twins scandal took a new twist over the weekend after a new video emerged of two women exchanging blows at Ole Sereni; where the genesis of the scandal occurred. A lot transpired after The Ndichu’s were accused of assaulting two women at the hotel.

One of the most conspicuous ramification of the Ndichu’s action was their major investor pulling out of their company.

Their actions ignited mixed reactions from netizens far and wide; including Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai- who, to his chagrin, believed stun action would suffice.

Ndichu brothers: You cannot unring gender-based violence bell
The Ndichu brothers-Google

Ndichus In Hot Soup

The matter caused a major uproar on social media with Kenyans rebuking the Ndichus for being at the centre of gender-based violence.

However, Andrew Kibe believes that the duo was judged a little bit too early. This is after the video of the two women fighting. Some believe that the Ndichu’s were dispersing them; while some claim that this was a different occasion.

CCTV clip showing two women fighting at Ole Sereni

Kibe states that men are often blamed for GBV without deep scrutiny;

”…Those guys trended for two days on twitter… Those feminists came out to say these guys we should counsel them. There were no women who came out to even say, let’s wait for the whole story to come out…”

Andrew Kibe’s view is however, not yet proved as the issue is still under investigation.



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