Andrew Kibe vs Amber Ray: Her simp husband doesn’t make her high value woman

Amber Ray is the closest thing we have in Kenya to Ciara. And Andrew Kibe seems to have noticed but even if he hasn’t, there, I said what needed to be said. The comparison is due to the fact that like Ciara, she has bounced around from the lap of one man to the next and she ended up a baby mama for the worst of the lot.


And just like the American singer, she has managed to find a high networth simp who has pedestalized her and is willing to give her the world. Essentially, they won the lottery of life! But rather than play their position, they both want to continue courting attention and validation on social media.

Andrew Kibe is also right in his assessment that a woman who is in love with a man won’t think twice to bear his children. And this explains why she never conceived for any of her previous men including Zaheer Jhanda. And Amber Ray knows its true. So why then is she protesting?


In her response, she chose to make this about her family as if Kifee has insulted it. No, she is the lightning rod for derision and unfortunately, that spills over to her children. That is why it is said that Caesar’s wife must be above reproach.

Amber Ray

The truth is, for a long time Amber Ray would court controversy and would post salacious content of herself with her different men online. Now that she is with a man from the corporate spare, she has realised she needs to switch up her image and become a “family woman” but it is now too little too late.


Kennedy Rapudo doesn’t lend his status to her elevating her because he is not the type of man men would aspire to be like outside of his career. He is a simp with money and if you want a parallel, just look to Ciara’s husband Russell Wilson. Absolutely no one respects him off the field.

Amber Ray

It was Amber Ray that exposed her eldest son, Gavin to the nonsense of having his mother’s nudes online. Kibe pointing out the fact that she is the worst type of woman for any man to select for the mother of his children isn’t wrong, and she needs to take accountability for that fact.


Her simp cannot make her a high value woman because he cannot re-write history and even though he would be butthurt to be reminded that his wife is a heaux, he cannot argue with the facts. And trust me, he wouldn’t want his uncles to get a hold of any of her photos. Surely, is that the type of woman any man with ambition would want by his side? Is this the type of wife who makes her husband look good in front of society?

Amber Ray

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