Anerlisa Muigai shares her rate card

Image: Anerlisa Muigai flaunts Bentley

Anerlisa Muigai has decided to give transparency a win and she shared her rate card and when we say it is surprisingly affordable, we mean exactly that because her cheapest option would set a business back 65 USD.

Anerlisa Muigai is back to pushing marriage

She has smartly chosen to ask to be paid in dollars (with the way the exchange rate is structured it is a very intelligent deal with the dollar trading at the moment of writing this piece at 131$).

My Social Media Rates.
Please screenshot to avoid asking me to resend


* Post on Main page > $6000
for 3 weeks 3 posts only.

* Post on Stories for 24 hrs for
small businesses $100 for 3

* Post on Stories for 24 hrs for
corporate and companies
$200 for 3 stories

*Post on Stories 12 hrs > $65
for 3 stories

* Mention on my main page
under my Picture Post > $500
per Picture/Mention

* Brand Ambassador >
$100,000 for 3 months.
(1 will not accept any brand
that includes nudity )

* Appearance for promotion >
$15,000 for 2.5hrs

* Buy My Social Media Pages.
> $300,000

I appreciate everyone who has supported me.

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