“Ata sisi we have age brackets lol. Focus on 40 and above” Nazizi replies to Cyprian Nyakundi’s onslaught on women 

Boy child Vs girl child has been the debate on social media over the past week. Cyprian Nyakundi is on a mission to stop boy child from being exploited by materialistic ladies.

The blogger has launched a barrage of attacks on feminists whom he accuses of ruining the lives of young men. Nyakundi advises boy child to desist from marrying women who are over 30 years.

Ben 10s are also exploiting women

Nazizi has responded to Nyakundi’s onslaught on gild child. The rapper says men between 25 and 35 were also exploiting women in the name of love.

“So kuna Hawa waseee between 25 and 35 lol wanapenda kuishi bure kwa nyumba za mademe…wanunuliwe nguo sijui babe nifungulie biz . Kidogo bae sponsor my new project .U want to tell me hakuna mtu anaeza wa expose Hawa ma Ben 10??? P.s ata sisi we have age brackets lol. Focus on 40 and above lol,” wrote Nazizi.



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