Avril Vs Mayonde Vs Vivian: Which female singer has the sexiest voice?

Let’s be honest, when it comes to musicians (especially female) the sexier the voice the more appealing it is. Don’t you agree?

This article is based on that, I picked three of Kenya’s leading female singers and we want you to decide whose voice you can listen to all day. That’s pretty much it!

The three are Judith Nyambura (Avril), Diana Nduba (Mayonde) and Vivian Wambui (Vivian).

For starters, let’s agree that all these ladies impecably beautiful but today we are jus trying to find out who, according to you, has the sweetest voice.


She’s been in the industry longer than the other two. Some of her notble hits are; Nikimuona, Chokoza, Hakuna Yule, Kitoko, just to name a few.


She started off as a BGV before crosssing over into mainstream music. Some of her notable hits are; Chini Kwa Chini, Nairobi, Shika, Isukuti Love, just to name a few.


She was introduced to the industry by Charles Njagua Kanyi alias Jaguar in 2013. She has been making music since then. Some of her notable hits are. Some of her notable hits are Chum Chum, Chingi Changa and Woman in Love.


So, who are you putting your money on? Who do you think has the sexiest voice? Tell us below.

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