Azziad is playing her cards right and protecting her image

Azziad is the flavour of the week and many men are doubtless in her DMs trying to see whether she will allow them to take a dive in her garden of Eden but so far, it would seem she has done a great job of fending off the thirsty men.

The most recent man whom she has outed is none other than Andrew Kibe who was put on blast for trying to sleep with her by first sliding in her DMs and she steadfastly refused.

Andrew Kibe breathes fire after Azziad’s brutal reply to his DM (Video)

While to many this may seem like overkill, this is actually a smart move by Azziad that will preserve her image and even help to enhance it because the last thing she wants to do is to be known as the entertainment industry jump off. When it come s to any facet of entertainment, be it acting or singing, the worst thing for any woman is for her to gain or rather earn the reputation of being an easy lay. Why? Because these industries attract lecherous men who are opportunistic hunters.

Internet sensation, Azziad Nasenya

That is why many artists, music video directors and are known to ask for sexual favours in return for their being included in the scenes that have the most screen time.

Azziad Nasenya has proven many people wrong


Being aware of this, Azziad actually did a great thing to shut down all the men in her DMs. And when she finally does meet her prince charming, he will know that she actively chose to be with him because she could have had any man she damn well pleased even if it would have lasted all of a hot minute.

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azziad nasenya
Azziad Nasenya

Add to this the fact that women’s power isn’t in the actual act of coitus but rather in the allure and promise of what’s to come. And in rejecting all these men, Azziad actually maintains the power.

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