Azziad Nasenya: From Viral Fame to Contemplating Suicide

Radio personality and actress Azziad Nasenya recently opened up about her harrowing experience with cyberbullying, revealing that she even contemplated suicide following the viral success of her video dancing to the song “Utawezana” by Femi One.

In an interview with Dr. Ofweneke on TV47, Nasenya candidly shared the overwhelming online abuse she faced, which led her to consider quitting social media and even taking her own life. Living alone at the time, the sudden surge of attention and negative feedback caught her off guard, plunging her into a state of despair.

The Sudden Turn to Cyberbullying

Nasenya recalled her feelings after the video went viral:

“The bullying was hectic so there’s this day I have never said this before. I was living on the 4th floor, that was my first house. I was living alone in this one bedroom, my mum was paying the rent, of course, not me,” she said.

While she had experienced viral fame before on TikTok, the response to this particular video was profoundly different. Nasenya described the swift change from receiving love and appreciation to facing intense cyberbullying, driving her to tears and solitary moments of contemplating suicide from her apartment balcony.

Her Darkest Moment

“It was different, people knew me so it escalated. People were sharing it, and I was like okay cool nice. so it was all love and then before you know it, boom. It changed and I’m like okay what is happening? It changed after a day or a day and a half. I remember I was crying. It was terrible, I’m alone it’s in the middle of a lockdown. I, literally went to my balcony and I was like um is this where God you let me go,” she shared about the decision she was ready to make.

She questioned why harmless fun in creating dance videos had resulted in such vehement negativity and distress, leading to her darkest moment.

The Importance of Support

In her vulnerable state, Nasenya acknowledged the pivotal role of her support system, crediting her team, friends, and management for being her pillars during this challenging period. Their unwavering presence and immediate intervention provided her with the strength to navigate through the tumultuous times.

A Call for Compassion

Nasenya’s story highlights the damaging impact of online hate and the importance of supporting individuals faced with sudden, overwhelming attention. It’s a reminder to spread kindness and understanding, especially in the digital age where words can have a profound impact.

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