Babu Owino is on the spot but let’s not forget MP Jaguar’s fatal car accident

Babu Owino is currently in the crosshairs of the Kenyan public as citizens and netizens agitate for a victim in a shooting he is seen as culpable for, DJ Evolve.

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Kenyans have even set up a digital petition to call for the government and the judiciary, in particular, to see that the matter is not only speedily concluded but is also concluded in a just and fair manner.

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The Babu Owino situation actually has injected some much needed civic participation in political matters as many had decried the perception the Embakasi East Member of Parliament had been cleansed of his past inequities by his acceptance of the BBI move and his eagerness to sing songs about it.

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But even as we look into the matter and ensure DJ Evolve gets the justice he and indeed the rest of us Kenyans so desperately need, we need to remember yet another young member of parliament also had a situation that was resolved in a less than transparent manner and many felt justice had been cheated and defeated.

babu owino

And in this part we are going to put away Babu Owino momentarily and focus on Starehe Member of Parliament Jaguar or as the government knows him, Charles Kanyi Njagua.

“My colleague, Hon. Babu Owino, will benefit from one!” Jaguar throws shade at Babu Owino after donating heavy duty mattress at Industrial Area prison

Does anyone remember that he was involved in some obscure capacity in an accident that was so sketchy the only clear aspect of it is that it resulted in the deaths of some pedestrians? And the outcome of that is that he ended up in court to answer for the accident that cost the lives of Kenyans and it was silently resolved in 2019.

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The accident occurred at Makutano on the Nairobi-Nyeri highway, within Kirinyaga County on March 21, 2017 along Sagana and in February Jaguar who had some beef at one time with Babu Owino, was convicted of the deaths.

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And he was apparently asked to pay forty thousand in restitution. Let that sink in. Two people died; a bodaboda operator and his passenger and what punishment was instituted against Jaguar? The princely sum of forty thousand Kenya shillings or 400 UsD.


How then can we say we do not understand why Babu Owino is unfazed with the cries for justice that a section of the Kenyan populace is making? He is clearly just following the logical observations made in the case of his colleague Jaguar. And now, Jaguar is currently in court facing charges of incitement in a country where post-election violence was an actual thing…


Let that realization sink in. We as a society expect the Babu Owinos and Jaguars not to act in a manner similar to this if they know that their actions will have no repercussions to meet them.

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