Bahati discloses secret behind his longterm friendship with Willy Pozee

Bahati did not have it easy when growing up and by the time he was making into the entertainment industry; the likes of Willy Pozee and Mr Seed were already way ahead of him.

This however did not discourage nor make Bahati quit his music; a decision he now probably prides in as he ranked among the wealthiest celebrities in Kenya. Away for that, the father of four recently left tongues wagging after revealing a well kept secret about him and Willy Paul from back in the day.

Having grown up in the same area, Mathare – explains why Willy Paul and Bahati have such a long history together. As far as we know is that Pozee attitude towards long term friend took a turn for the worst after he become a celebrity overnight thanks to hit songs Sitolia and Kitanzi!

Bahati reveals well kept secret

With all that success, it turns out that Bahati was the mastermind behind some of Willy Paul’s greatest hits from back in the day. According to a post shared by Baba Heaven, we now have reason to believe that Pozee’s career was greatly built by the inspirational songs written down for him.

Bahati shared the well kept secret shocking many who now believe that Willy Paul ‘sitolia’ may have been Bahati’s idea; since even back in the day he wrote emotional songs like Barua from back in the day. Bahati went on to caption the photo saying;

Bahati and Pozee

The Days I Used to Write Songs for this Small Boy ???????????? I’ve Missed Our Childish Days Bro ❤️ #WillisRadido

Be humble

Although it’s no secret that Pozee has always looked down on Bahati; fans now believe that the negative tension between these two is caused by Pozze’s fear of Bahati being a threat.

However as far everything is concerned we might as well confirm Pozee’s since Bahati’s career is already at it peak! With a family, wife and kids – Bahati has proven that his journey was slow but sure!

Willy Paul on the other hand continues to bully Bahati despite all the help he got from the soft spoken singer! Anyway what goes around….

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