Bahati discloses the action that attracted women to consider becoming his second wife

Bahati recently disclosed that he often receives advances from bold, unashamed women, even in the presence of his wife, Diana Marua, who is also the mother of three of his biological children. During an interview with Betty Kyallo on her TV47 show, Bahati shared this revelation when asked who between him and Diana initiates more advances.


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“Of course, it’s me. When you buy a girl a Range Rover, a mansion… they want to be the fourth wife, aah, second wife,” Bahati humorously remarked.

However, Diana has made it clear that she is not open to the idea of sharing her husband, as she firmly stated during an episode of their reality show when discussing polygamy with Karen Nyamu, who supports the concept.

“Mpango wa kando (a side chick) is not my portion in Jesus’ name,” Diana firmly asserted to Karen.

Regarding Bahati’s views on polygamy, in July 2023, he jokingly suggested that marrying one wife might prevent many from entering heaven. In a YouTube video, Bahati questioned modern pastors who advocate for monogamy, challenging them to provide biblical evidence supporting it. He cited biblical figures like David and Solomon, who had multiple wives, to support his argument.


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During the video, Bahati asked Diana if she believed Solomon, known for his wisdom, was in heaven. Diana confirmed her belief, prompting Bahati to imply that having multiple wives might not be detrimental to one’s spiritual destiny.

“So having many girlfriends is okay?” he concluded, justifying polygamy based on his interpretation of Solomon’s situation.

Despite Diana’s firm stance on monogamy, Bahati noted that in heaven, there will be no marriages, quoting Jesus’ words about people singing and enjoying honey and milk.

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