Bahati finally set to wed Diana Marua

The aspirant politician Bahati has revealed the day of his nuptials to Diana Marua.

In December 2023, the couple will conduct their wedding ceremony.

Bahati is seen popping the question to Diana Marua in a video becoming viral online.

The three-time mother accepts the proposal despite being filled with emotion.

Their wedding date, which falls on a holiday, was announced by Bahati on his social media accounts.

“She said Yes, and I officially announce that 12th December 2023 is our wedding day.
If You Ever Forget Everything, Never Forget that I Love you ❤️ This is a Special Gift for You My Wife!!!

And Diana Marua’s response was an equally flowery one saying:

“I didn’t know this day would end with my heart full ???????????????????? My Hubby @bahatikenya surprised me with his first gift of 2023 and this was how the day unfolded!!!!The God of Diana Bahati… Thank you ????????????”

“Thank you God, you knew about this day even before I was born.

You’ve loved us, wiped our tears. Taught us how to love unconditionally. You’ve taught me how respect is important to my husband and most importantly what is, what it means to be submissive. Thank you for gifting me your favored child, Thank you God for this day 12/12/2023. I will be married to my best friend. History will be made,glory to you alone.”

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