Ben Githae outed by homosexual tik-toker as being gay

Ben Githae is not going to be a happy man after some Kenyan TikTokers just had a conversation in which they accused him of being a prominent member of the LGBTQ community.

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Whether or not the allegation is unfounded remains to be revealed and though we approached him for a comment, Ben Githae is yet to give us one. We have however done our duty by giving him an opportunity to exercise his right of reply. We have since tried calling him and though he has promised to call us back, he hasn’t followed through.

Ben Githae
Ben Githae

The conversation around the LGBTQ society in Kenya has been one which has seen its flames fanned and it has now taken centre stage in Kenya with even the president, Ruto, speaking on the matter.

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The issue has divided Kenyans who are a notoriously conservative nation as some have even called for the jailing of homosexuals who are open about their orientation.


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Earlier in the year a prominent lgbtq activist was killed sparking outrage within the community as they chose to lay blame at the feet or Society in general even before they knew any details about his murder. The man in question, Edwin Chiloba, it was later revealed, was killed by his lover.

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Bit it remains to be seen (or is it heard?) what Ben Githae will say in his defence and whether these utterances were the irresponsible words of people attempting to gain cheap clout.

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