Ben Kitili´s wife opens up on the struggles of convincing her parents about their marriage

KTN political editor and senior anchor, Ben Kitili and his wife, Amina Mude have not had an easy time trying to justify their marriage to masses and most especially to their parents.

Ben Kitili professes the Christian faith while Amina Mude hails from the Muslim religion and believe you me, the two have wedded, had children and still on the journey of marriage together, but still professing different faiths.

Many have asked how their two children will even decided which side to pick, but that question has remained unanswered, with Mrs Kitili of the belief that their two children have the freedom of religion.

The Kitilis

The parents

Away from that, Amina has revealed the struggles that came with trying to justify to her parents, why she had to say ´I Do´ to a man of a different religion – something that is not openly welcomed in the Islam religion.

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Mr and Mrs Kitili

Sharing this with fans during a Q&A session on Instagram with a curios fan posing:

Did the parents approve of your relationship?

To which the curvy beauty admitted that it proved an uphill task for her, trying to loop in her parents to accept her choice and pick on love, but they eventually gave in.

They do but it wasn´t so easy.

Ben Kitili´s wife, Amina Mude

That was for her parents, but did she accept Kitili as he was and the fact that he came from a different religious background?

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The news anchor´s wife articulated that religion did not bother her as much because she loved the package that came as her husband and father to her kids.

Religion wasn´t an issue to me, Ben is such an awesome guy so things just clicked.

Ben Kitili and his wife, Amina Mude


Ben Kitili and Amina Mude officiated their union at the Attorney General´s office back in 2018, before thereafter hosting their close allies and family in a private reception party.

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The two have since had it rough from fans and Muslims who believe Amina sold her dignity and beauty by giving up on the rules of the Islamic faith and wedding in a different religion.

Sweethearts, Ben Kitili and Amina Mude

For the popular KTN news anchor however, he could never ask for more after putting a wedding ring on the finger of the love of his life.

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