Benny Hinn issues an apology.

World-renowned evangelist Benny Hinn, originally from Israel and now residing in the United States, has issued an apology for permitting what he described as false testimonies and prophecies during his evangelistic gatherings.

In a podcast discussion, Hinn expressed remorse for allowing inaccurate prophecies to circulate during some of his evangelistic events worldwide, acknowledging that he regrets those actions.


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The preacher, well-known for his televised sermons, acknowledged his fallibility as a human being and admitted to making mistakes. He humbly asked forgiveness from his followers who tune into his televised sermons from various parts of the globe.

“We’re all human, prone to errors. If there are two things I regret in my ministry, it’s that there were instances where I lacked wisdom and where false prophecies were shared. Certain guests at my evangelistic gatherings caused disruptions and brought harm not only to individuals but also to my reputation due to their inaccurate prophecies,” Hinn expressed with remorse.

Reflecting on his past events, including a significant evangelistic meeting in Kenya earlier this year, Hinn admitted that some of the guests at these gatherings made claims that were undeniably untrue.


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“At times, I believed I received divine insight and shared it. Unfortunately, I now recognize that some of those prophecies were not accurate or divinely inspired. For this, I seek forgiveness from those impacted. I’m only human,” Hinn acknowledged.

“Some of these instances extended beyond genuine deliverance, and it’s crucial to recognize that anything beyond true deliverance is not authentic prophecy. While I allowed it initially, I later put a stop to it. However, this was years ago,” he added.

It’s worth noting that during his healing event in Kenya earlier this year, attended by President William Ruto and First Lady Rachel Ruto, one notable incident involved First Daughter Charlene Ruto stepping forward to request prayers to find a spouse.

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