Bensoul Advocates For Legalization Of Marijuana-‘I Have Never Seen Anyone Go Crazy Because Of Weed’

Image: Kenyan multi-talented artist Bensoul

Benson Mutua, also known as Bensoul, is a Kenyan singer and songwriter who has supported the legalization of marijuana.

The musician Anyiko Awoko recently stated in an interview that legalizing marijuana will help the economy because it has more benefits than drawbacks.

He stated his opinion that Kenya ought to legalize marijuana if other nations have done so.

He made the case that Kenya could follow many other countries in the world where individuals are financially supported by the marijuana sector and using it to support their families.

Bensoul continued by saying that marijuana users experience no adverse health impacts.

“I Have Never Seen Anyone Go Crazy Because Of Weed, Wenye Wanachizi Ni Because Of Other Drugs.”

Bensoul is a proponent of legalizing marijuana and de-stigmatizing its use for personal and medical purposes.



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