Bensoul’s Baby Mama Tiffany Muikamba Says She Misses Him

Sol Generation musician Bensoul’s baby mama Tiffany has opened up about missing the singer at times. The damsel, who happened to be impregnated by the singer while he was in another relationship, claims that he thinks about him on several occasions.

She shared on her socials that the two are no longer in bad terms and that she’s reminiscing the good times they had when they were still together.

” would be lying if I said I never think about you. What we had, our love hate relationship. Everything feels so ridiculously funny right now.”

Even though the two are no longer together, Tiffany said she loves that they are at peace now and she is happy raising her daughter.

“Considering how everything went downhill so freaking fast, I love the peace and harmony we now share. Life really has its ups and downs so never focus on the downs only because I never thought I would be this happy plus peaceful. It all feels like a dream but it’s really a huge miracle.”

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The mother of one also revealed she might be ready to date again.

“Just realized something I never though I’ll be thinking of. I’m actually ready to date again, but I have a lot of rules.”

Bensoul had impregnated Tiffany while he was with Noni Gathoni. The revelation led to drama; which didn’t last for long anyway. For now, all Tiffany is having is déjà vu.

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