Betting company CEO linked to Eve Mungai has finally acknowledged their relationship

Eve Mungai, a prominent Kenyan content creator, has recently been the subject of various rumors concerning her personal life.

One figure linked to the media personality is the CEO of a Kenyan betting company, who initially remained silent amidst the reports.


Eve Mungai is desperate to become a sex symbol

During interviews with local media outlets on June 13, the CEO, identified as Aggrey Sayi, finally confirmed that there had been interactions between him and Eve Mungai.

“There were rumors circulating about your involvement with one of Kenya’s content creators, Eve Mungai. These rumors were all over the blogs. Can you confirm if there’s any truth to them?” a blogger inquired during the interview.

Aggrey clarified that their interaction occurred during his tenure at his previous company, where Eve was engaged as a brand ambassador.

“No, those were not rumors. My involvement with her was strictly professional. She was one of the influencers and brand ambassadors we worked with at my former company. That was the extent of our engagement,” he explained.

This clarification comes amid widespread speculation about a potential romantic relationship between the two.


Mungai Eve Reveals Whether She’s Ready To Date Again After Breaking-Up With Director Trevor

Another name associated with Eve Mungai is MC Gogo. Following her breakup with Director Trevor, her boyfriend of five years, rumors began circulating regarding a possible romantic involvement with MC Gogo.

However, Eve has firmly denied these claims, emphasizing that their relationship is purely platonic.

In a previous interview with Oga Obinna, Eve directly addressed these rumors. “He’s just my friend. We are not romantically involved,” she asserted, underscoring that their interactions are often misinterpreted by the public.

Eve further elaborated on why she has no intention of dating MC Gogo, noting that he is already in a relationship and that she values their friendship too much to complicate it with romantic entanglements.

Additionally, Eve expressed her preference for dating older individuals.

“I value our friendship and want to maintain it as such. We have never considered dating each other… Personally, I am more inclined to date someone older than me,” she explained.

Eve mentioned her preference for dating someone three to four years her senior, believing this age gap suits her well.

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