Betty Kyallo Considering Returning To TV After Three-Year Hiatus

Media personality and businesswoman Betty Kyallo has revealed that she is seriously considering returning to the screen after a three-year hiatus.

Kyallo, who was speaking to various local media outlets during the relaunch of TV 47 on July 19, said that she is excited about the possibility of reconnecting with her fans through television.

The 37-year-old attributes her willingness to return to television to the unwavering support and love she received from her fans throughout her career.

“You know now that i am here and am seeing the whole thing, you know am actually considering it. And you know what, i can go back to TV for my fans because my fans were so special to me,” Kyallo said.

The thought of bringing joy to her audience and making them smile once again fuels her desire to step back into the limelight.

“Even if not for myself, and just do those shows that made people laugh and smile on a friday evening. Am feeling like you know, it would not be a bad idea,” she said.

According to Kyallo, the three years she has been out of TV have been successful.

She ventured into various new projects that she never thought she would, and exploring these opportunities allowed her to grow both personally and professionally.

However, she admits that she has missed the vibrant world of television and the unique connection it offers with the audience.

“It’s been three years, but three fulfilling years of me doing so many other things that i never thought i would do like Kyallo Kulture,” she said.

One aspect of television that Betty particularly cherishes is the instant feedback from her fans.

The real-time reactions and conversations that would ensue on social media after her shows were something she cherished deeply.

This immediate connection with her audience is what she longs to experience once again.

“What i miss about TV is the instant feedback. Like you know my fans used to be like … ndo huyo amenaza and then the tweets would start pouring,” she said.

The Kyallo Kulture reality star also teased the possibility of collaborating with her close friend, Dr Ofweneke, for a show on TV 47.

“We are still talking, and if everything goes well, we might have something for you guys,” she said.

It remains to be seen whether Kyallo will make a full-time return to television, but her comments suggest that she is at least considering the possibility.

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