Betty Kyallo explaining her failed relationships is hilarious

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Betty Kyallo recently granted an interview to PlugTV as she launched her new business venture and we must say that some of the things she comes up with are really hilarious. The particular segment of interest was when she was explaining away her failed relationships.

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The fact that she completely ran away from any responsibility for the demise of all her short-lived dalliances, flings and even her marriage was hilarious to witness. The level of mental gymnastics that went on to absolve herself of any responsibility was Olympic level!

Betty Kyallo vacationing after her breakup with Nick Ndeda

The question was posed led her to claim that she cannot choose who to fall in love with. She is single and not searching but if it happens, it happens. But the truth of the matter is that when you look at all her different relationships, the only common denominator in her storied love tales is her. Betty Kyallo is the only common denominator.

I Don’t Choose The People I Fall In Love With- Betty Kyallo On Her Failed Relationships(Video)

The men have included powerful governors, famous news anchors and lawyers. They are rumoured to have included a businessman and a former actor who is currently happily married in the UK (United Kingdom) yet her story is that of what appears to be a very unwanted singlehood. Her ex-husband too is happily married so why not she?

Betty Kyallo

I would start off at the ost obvious point: she has done literally zero introspection. Betty Kyallo has not looked into herself to try and figure out for starters, why she attracts the men she does. Secondly, why these men do not see her as a serious option for a long-term relationship.

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Then there is the fact that she doesn’t seem to have taken the time nor put in the effort required to heal from her previous encounters or sought the help of counsellors. But at the end of the day, that is not something a lot of Kenyans or even Africans do. Most guys simply just move from one heartbreak to the next relationship and then wrestle with their demons while wasting the next partner’s time.

Another reason why most men aren’t looking to settle down with the former news anchor is the fact that she is a single mother. While that is a painful statement to make for most ladies to hear, it is the truth. No man with options is looking to saddle himself up with another man’s seed to raise. And the calibre of men Betty Kyallo goes for isn’t your run of the mill men, These are often men who are at the top of their game and are receiving a lot of female attention as a result.

‘There’s Value In Endings Because It Means Something New Is Beginning’- Betty Kyallo’s Ex-Boyfriend Nick Ndeda

While I am not going to tell her to lower her expectations or look for men lower than what she has distinguished to be her taste, then we have to instead her to focus on making herself the best version of herself and I do not mean with regards to business. She needs to make herself the type of woman any man would consider a catch despite her continued interaction with her ex-husband who is a high-value man, despite her past being littered by so many men and the fact that she has a child, she needs to heal herself and then find out what she does that is pleasnt enough to make a man want to wife her up and not just get to enjoy his turn on the ride.

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