Betty Kyallo Hurls Insults At P Diddy After Viral Video Of Him Beating His Up Ex-Girlfriend

Disturbing footage has emerged showing rapper Diddy assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Cassie Ventura, in a Los Angeles hotel hallway. The video, reportedly taken in March 2016 at the InterContinental Hotel (since closed), has sparked outrage online.

The clip shows Cassie walking down the hallway with a bag when Diddy, clad only in a towel, chases after her and shoves her to the ground. He then kicks her repeatedly while she lies defenseless. The video goes on to show him pulling her back towards their room.

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Betty Kyallo’s reaction

Kenyan media personality Betty Kyallo reacted strongly to the footage, urging people to stop supporting P. Diddy. “Men who beat women are trash,” she stated. Kyallo called for a complete boycott, asking people to unfollow him and stop listening to his music.

“Diddy is tr@sh and so are the men who abuse women, whether physically or emotionally. They are trash. This is horrific yani am so disturbed unfollow him, we are not listening to his music anymore. F#ck Diddy men who beat women are trash am so angry,” she wrote on her Instagram stories.

Betty shortly deleted her comment on the same, but it was quite evident that she was very mad at Diddy over the video.

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This incident has severely tarnished P. Diddy’s image and reignited discussions about domestic violence.

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