Betty Kyallo’s weightloss journey: Women need to stop lying to each other

Image: Betty Kyallo flaunting curves

Betty Kyallo found love and is miraculously on the weightloss bandwagon. No, I am not riffing on her, if anything, I am glad she has decided to take care of herself because in all honesty, the former TV girl was ballooning.

Betty Kyallo gives update on her weight loss journey

What I am, however, going to do is to call her out for originally being part of the “beautiful at every size” brigade before she finally got a man and realized that while that dogma sounds good on paper, kwa ground, vitu ni different.


Betty Kyallo TV comeback

You see, when she finally found a man who actually looks good and isn’t just a fat bank account, she realized that she has to stay competitive to be able to compete with the other women who are throwing themselves at him. So Betty Kyallo knew she needed to put some work in.

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In the meantime and inbetween time, there are still alot of plus size Kenyan activists like Neomi Ng’ang’a who will lie to you and tell you, “Sis, he will love your body at every size” or the classic, “Real men love women at every size”… That is why when he cheated on you he did so with an obese queen? Yaass!

Betty Kyallo massive gain weight

And Betty Kyallo needs to actually start standing by her actions instead of selling the shpill that she was happy being obese. The truth is, alot of problems are created from the fact that enlightened sisters refuse to share the based truth to their peers. Perhaps it is because they do not want to increase competition for their chosen pool of men.

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Whatever the case may be, I am glad to see Betty Kyallo stick it out until she has begun to see some small measure of success come her way -she is actually shedding some of her visceral body fat.

Betty Kyallo bikini photo

But ofcourse, other than the cheering din of true supporters (like me) who are happy to see her improve herself, there are still those who are lampooning her for selling out. The old crab in a bucket crowd that are upset that she has committed herself to the discipline a healthy lifestyle entails.

As a result of hitting the gym, Betty Kyallo seems more energetic, she seems livelier and best of all, she has started glowing once again. She needs to swallow the frog and let her sisters know this is the best way to live life. She also needs to let them know that the resultant body changes do more for her confidence as she sees how her man looks at her. She is not torturing him, if anything, he appreciates the changes he is witnessing.

And that is something that has to be said; one of the greatest rewards she has reaped from her fitness journey has been being able to actually know your man is lusting after yoou. Knowing that you are the object of his genuine desire… Or we could instead decide to lie that this isn’t what women want. Cos let’s face it, she used to be very attractive in her younger days, then she lost it and really let herself go. Now, she’s finally bringing sexy back.

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