Bien and his vasectomy will be a disaster

Image: Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime speaks after testing positive for Coronavirus

Bien has revealed that he is actively seeking to have a vasectomy done on him. Why he chose to share this bit of information to the world, I will never understand. But what I do know is that he will soon be busy yelling at is fans and commenters and critics that they should never have shared their opinions as it is his body and his choice.

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So I found myself laughing like crazy when I found out he wanted to have his nads snipped. My friends and I were in a tizzy because this is truly an un-African thing. A man who deliberately wants to seal his capacity for a legacy?

Bien with wifey, Chiki

But Bien and his Sauti Sol groupmates have always been progressive so this is really not shocking but he has abdicated his God-given role of being a man in his household. He would effectively become a eunuch in all but the missing nads. What a heathen.

You see, while I understand that he doesn’t want to have children today, this is one of the most difficult decisions to make because you cannot ever truly know whether you would want to change your mind in future.

Besides this, the nads are where we as men derive our spiritual and primitive energies. That is why when a man wants to harness his power, he is advised to transmute that energy. What can you transmute if your body isn’t fully functional?

Also, I understand that he sees Chiki Kuruka, his wife, as his forever person (he strikes me as the type to fall for the myth of the one) but what if that is not to be? And his next partner says she wants a family? I guess what I am honestly challenging is whether or not the decision was made for him or it was made on behalf of his wife and not having her take birth control.

And the timing is suspect because as you know, Bien’s wife is a rather vocal feminist. And it was only after he started dating and eventually married her that we saw him put on his petticoat and start singing feminist nonsense on social media. Now that there are the Roe vs Wade controversies in America, he comes out to say he wants a vasectomy? I mean, coincidences are a thing but timing is everything. Is he truly his own focal point anymore?

Perhaps it is also down to the fact that he has had a series of statements that were so soy and weak under the guise of being “mUh ProGgReSsiVE” but he first revealed his would be a potentially open marriage if her celebrity crush ever came to town. He also has been rather emotional on social media ranting about toxic masculinity instead of simply acknowledging that Kenya has some criminals and bad men and now this… He keeps taking on weak positions so perhaps my hind brain is recognizing weakness in Bien and I am struggling to accept this neo-male.

Ultimately, if this move works for him? Fantastic! However, should he end up revealing that he regretted making that decision, Kenyans would not just never forgive him but we would never allow him to live this down.

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