Bien lied to us! Chiki Kuruka is clearly not cool about his idea of being in an open marriage

A while back Bien Aime from Sauti Sol dropped a bomb on us after hinting he was in an open marriage with wife, Chiki Kuruka….and for a minute we were like wow must be nice. Actually judging from what Bien said, that is;

I have all the freedom to get what I want but I don’t feel like it since I treasure my wife. I have not cheated but you know, I can meet Beyonce and I might be tempted. I will not disgrace my marriage but am not perfect. Sex does not lead my life. Life has so much to offer.

With that statement, Bien became thee goat to young looking upto him until Chiki kuruka shared her take on the alleged open marriage. Speaking on the issue, Chiki stated that the comments were taken out of context during the show as they were just sharing a light moment.

Bien watching wife confront female fan moments their electric dance

She went on to add so far theyve mastered the art of honestly and openness which has helped their marriage, adding this is why they remain strong.

Bien and I were cracking jokes on Sol Family, and that’s how a comment was interpreted. However, we both deeply agree with honesty and communication, even if that includes lusting over celebs.

Bien watching wife and fan from the sidelines

Chiki Kuruka not about that life

Well, i dont know whether it’s just me…..or is it that Chiki Kuruka’s statement was more of a damage control state than an explanation to what Bien said….but clearly these two weren’t talking about the same thing and thanks to a new video circulating online – we can prove that Chiki Kuruka isnt as open as Bien thought.

This was made evident after Chiki Kuruka was seen telling off a certain youngin who had been grinding her big booty on Bien….and although the situation didnt look thaaaaat bad, having Chiki walk all the way to where these two (Bien and the youngin) were standing proves iko chida!

Fans commenting on the video were also quick to note Bien’s wife mother hen move – while others mentioned it was disrespectful for the singer to stand there, allowing the dance to continue….yet his wife was watching from afar.

Nameless and Wahu

However we also have to remember Bien is an artist adored by many women – something Nameless can relate with.

You see back in the day, women would literally throw themselves at singer Nameless and some even grinding on him like their life depended on it….but never did we see Wahu come out and shove them over – for acting ratchet around her husband.

So what this tell you about Bien and wife? Mmmmh I don’t want to say they might have trust issues but again….Chiki Kuruka made it obvious for everyone to see that.

From where I am observing all this, I can say chances are that there is a big crack in this marriage…..I mean how many times have we seen Bien dancing with women and not had Chiki Kuruka react the way she just did.…and with that crack comes trust issues, insecurities and just like that – tabloids start digging deeper for more.

I don’t know why but looks like it might end up being a really long year for these two. No?

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