Boondocks Gang educate fans about COVID-19 in new single ‘2020’ (Video)

Image: Boondocks Gang

Boondocks Gang, the group that brought us hits like Rieng, Madam and Kidolee is back with a new jam and this time around they are very serious because they are raising awareness about the corona virus.

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The song dubbed 2020 talks about how the deadly virus has caused suffering across the world and led to the death of so many people across the world.

Boondocks Gang and Magix Enga on Rewind it
Boondocks Gang

In the song, they urge their fans to stay and follow the directives that have been put in place by the government such as; sanitizing, avoiding public gatherings and seeing a doctor when one has symptoms of the virus.

Although the message that this song carries is serious, Boondocks Gang still found a creative message to pass it and I think that’s really commendable.

One of the reasons why I love Gengetone and the artists behind it is because of their sheer creativity. These guys can come up with random rhymes and it’s just awesome to listen to them as they play around with words.

The first verse by Ex Ray is on point. He is one guy that never has to try so hard to impress and I guess that’s why I’m a big fan of his. You get hooked from the moment he starts singing.

Boondocks Gang come through with 'Sidonyo'
Boondocks Gang

Edu Maddox also aced it. His flow is so smooth and as you’re listening to him you’ll find yourself wondering why he’s so underrated because he is really talented.

Odi Wa Murang’a didn’t disappoint either. I often ask myself why people love him. Is it that he is a dope lyricist or is it because of his voice? Anyway, that is a story for another day, isn’t it?

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The beat by Magix Enga is impeccable, unlike most Gengetone jams, it’s really subtle and I bet that was done to help you understand the seriousness of the message in the song.

I love the concept of the video though I must say that it felt really creepy at some point. Anyway, the locations, props, styling, dramatization and scene transitioning were also perfect.

Watch 2020 below and tell us what you think.

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