Boondocks Gang featured in Wakuu’s ‘Mangwa’

Boondocks Gang are back, this time on Mangwa. They have featured by Wakuu. It is a great collaboration when Ghetto anthem groups come together. The groups are very talented and for sure their fans are always ready for them.

Boondocks Gang has been rocking the airwaves with their tunes. Coming in for Mangwa gives the Wakuu team a lot of views and a great fan base. One thing you are going to notice is that people love Boondocks Gang.

In the jam Mangwa, it is nothing different from the kind of content these groups give. Mangwa is a sheng word which is mostly used to describe sex. When these people come on board it is either they are talking about women, drugs and sex.

Boondocks Gang featured in Wakuu's 'Mangwa'

What is the message?

To start with, lets get to understand what Mangwa is all about. The lyrics are very well outlined and very easy to grasp.

Vile amejibeba lazina ntaimanga. In this case the team is talking about a ladies behind. They are also talking about smoking bhang.

There is a dancehall aspect in this jam. Also E-xray has received lots of love from fans who feel that he has done something out of the ordinary. Also, there is a line where they say, napenda vile anaitinga na bado nitaimanga. Someone save this generation.

Boondocks Gang featured in Wakuu's 'Mangwa'

Relevance of Mangwa

To start with, it always good to focus also on the target audience. First you notice that the song’s audience is that below 24 years. The word Mangwa is not one that most people from the rural village relate with but it is to those in the ghetto areas.

Boondocks Gang featured in Wakuu's 'Mangwa'

Into production, the song is well produced. From the audio, you can already feel the song. The mixing is well done. Also, the video does not disappoint.

In conclusion, Bondoocks Gang and Wakuu get a rating of 6/10 in Mangwa.

Video below.


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