“Bring it on!” A pregnant Avril Nyambura dares online trolls

Avril has all the energy to confront critics who throw dirt at her on social media. The sultry singer asserts that she won’t let detractors get away free.

Avril has been a victim of online troll multiple times. For years the songbird has been cyber bullied for various reasons including makeup fail etc.

The expectant singer has grown thick skin and courage to confront haters. She says she is not among celebs who don’t go through their comments for fear of being traumatized by negative comments.

I will hit back

Avril says she hit back at those who dare cross her on social media. She dared online troll to throw dirt at her at their own risk.

“I’m not those peeps who don’t go through their comments.. I always say garbage in garbage out .. bring me garbage i’ll throw back a whole trash can at you .. especially if i have the time ..Poor boy deleted his comment ..” wrote Avril.

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