Brown Mauzo expresses gratitude towards his former partner for giving him the gift of two children

Image: Vera Sidika's photo with hubby leaves many talking

It appears that the ongoing tension between Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo is far from over.

Why? Brown recently expressed his appreciation towards his ex-wife Fatima for blessing him with two children. Through his InstaStories, he conveyed, “Thank you, God, for giving me not only kids but angels @loreesa_brown.”


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While seemingly innocuous, the timing of his message is noteworthy, coming just days after Vera Sidika, his ex-wife, hosted a highly publicized divorce celebration over the weekend.

Vera took to her social media platforms to share details about the divorce party, which was an extravagant and lively event.

The gathering was graced by the cast of The Real Housewives of Nairobi and some of Vera’s close friends.

“Free like a bird, let’s get this party started. Marriage is a scam, you all,” exclaimed Vera.


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In footage from the event, Vera and her guests, donning carnivore costumes, fully embraced the theme. She was seen engaging in lively dance moves and even giving lap dances to male entertainers, sparking mixed reactions online.

Vera also shared her personal perspective on marriage, branding it as a scam.

“When I say marriage is a scam, that’s my opinion and view on it. It’s not a fact. To some, marriage is beautiful; to me, marriage is a scam,” she asserted.

She further criticized Kenyans for their hypocrisy, stating, “In Kenya, we love debauchery, but act holy when we see someone else openly living that life carefree. Not that we hate it. We just hate their guts. But do the same thing behind closed doors.”

Vera and Brown announced their separation on August 30, 2023, after being together for approximately three years. They met in August 2020, tied the knot, and later, in 2021, Vera became pregnant with their first child.

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