Carol Sonnie’s revelation that single motherhood is tough is hilarious!

Carol Sonnie, the woman who has had a rather public relationship, fallout and reconciliation with comedian Mulamwah gave us a rather hilarious and obvious observation she only just woke up to: single motherhood is tough.

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Allow that to sink in. Here we have a celebrity who has just found out a rather simple fact that we all already knew without having to deal with. And it makes you wonder about whether or not she actually has any foresight at all.

The truth of the matter is that both parties involved in their little kerfuffle, that is to say, both Mulamwah and carol Sonnie are idiots of the highest calibre. I am making this assertion because they do not seem to be thinking about the well-being of their daughter.

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On the one hand, he seems to be dangling his involvement in her life as a father in exchange for them to get back together. He is a simp who is leveraging the fact that he is more financially secure than she is to weasel his way back into her life. That is nothing short of slimey manipulation.

And on the other hand, Carol Sonnie doesn’t seem to know what she wants nor have any idea of how she is going to provide for her daughter outside of getting handouts and pity. That is why when she first started experiencing hardships, she ran to the media to cry about how tough her life is as if we were involved with either her or the man she allegedly cheated on Mulamwah with.

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So in the next few years, we will be periodically inundated with guilt trips meant to make us help. She will take to social media to tell us of all the woes of being a single mother. It’s tough. Ofcourse it is. You’re expected to raise a human being on one income in a shithole nation like Kenya where poverty is the norm. Especially when you know that the father wants to get involved… Maybe she needs to also accept that she is dealing with a slimy simp and start playing the game to win rather than participating in the Victim Olympics.

And the statistics she should acquaint herself with statistics involving single mother households because they are very damning… If she is starting to complain now then things will only get tougher. But who am I to deliver such terrible news? A pragmatist, that’s who:

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According to a Safe Harbour report about the children of single mother households:

90% of welfare recipients are single mothers
70% of gang members, high school dropouts, teen suicides, teen pregnancies, teenage drug abusers are from single mother households
63% of national suicides are done by individuals who grew up in single-mother homes
90% or runaway children are from single-mother households are from single mother households
85% of children with behavioural disorders are from single-mother households
80% of rapists motivated by displaced anger grew up in single-mother homes
85% of imprisoned youth grew up in single-mother homes

Mulamwah with alleged baby mama, Carol Sonnie

All I can do now is tell Carol Sonnie that what she needs is to make herself a part of a commune that involves strong father figures. Perhaps her father can play that role. Perhaps it will be her uncles and brothers. But someone needs to step in to give her daughter guidance.

Or perhaps the solution would be for her to trap some foolish simp and have him raise her daughter. Even if that simp is Mulamwah but given she is still young and pretty, she should not have any problem getting another foolish man to simp along.

Carol Sonnie baby bump

She has to start thinking about the days ahead. The child is still but an infant and she’s already complaining? Things will only get more expensive and emotionally taxing from here on out. And if she wants Mulamwah involved but according to her own terms, she needs to go get a paternity test done and use the feminist networks on social media to pressure him once the results show that he’s the father -IF he is the father.

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