Caroline Mutoko accuses Kenyan journalists of being lazy and at the same time explains why Citizen’s Hussein Mohammed might need to see a shrink one day

Media giant and lifestyle connoisseur Caroline Mutoko is out on the prowl again shortly after taking a swipe at all celebrities vying for electoral seats and her subject of discussion is the beloved Hussein Mohammed .

Like we didn’t see it coming!

Well, Hussein Mohammed has been receiving a lot of love from the public and it’s partly due to his charisma and professionalism when it comes to carrying out interviews.

Even when faced with obstinate characters like honourable Mike Sonko he still manages to keep his cool, maintain decorum, subdue his ego and get the best out of the interviewee.

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He has done numerous interviews, especially among politicians and not once has he ever disappointed and for that Kenyans adore him.

It appears Caroline Mutoko is also a huge fan* finally she acknowledges someone*

According to her, Hussein Mohammed is doing a splendid job in a field which is full of egoistic and lazy people-her words not mine and it’s about time someone applauded him for it. Also Royal Media needs to upgrade his health cover because well, he might one day need to see a shrink because of all the bull crap he has to go through every day.

Caroline feels Hussein Mohammed is setting the bar high and all of us journalists should strive to emulate him* ooops sorry, I forgot I’m just a mere blogger*

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Check her out as she showers all manner of praises to the man:


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