Cashy Karimi Needs To Stop Sharing Her Issues With Khaligraph Jones

Image: Rapper Cashy

Cashy Karimi is back in the news blasting her alleged baby daddy, Khaligraph Jones. I am tired of seeing the BS but I guess she is not anywhere near tired of posting about it so here we go again.

Video: Khaligraph makes s********s revelations about Cashy in latest single

Uhuru Kenyatta lifted the curfew that had been instituted to stem the spread of the beer bug and it was not a moment too soon because it has wrecked havoc on the economy.

Khaligraph Jones baby mama, Cashy

While the rest of the country was breathing a sigh of relief because we can get back to working, Cashy Karimi chose to use it as an opportunity to dump on Khaligraph, her baby daddy, the man she chose to breed with and sire for.

‘Time to pay up’ Cashy exposes Khaligraph Jones for neglecting 3 year old son

That is actually the crux of my issue with this entire situation. She chose the man, therefore, she is responsible and accountable for her decisions. Instead, she keeps making their issues public like we are her midwives.

Khaligraph Jones with ex, Cashy

I get it, she is unhappy that Khaligraph Jones allegedly moved on from her. We get it, she claims theirs was an abusive relationship meaning she probably wants to see the universe serve some sort of justice on her behalf but what does that have to do with us? That is the question no one is answering.

Weuh! Cashy shares Mpesa receipts showing how much child support Khaligraph Jones has paid in 2 years!

I would strongly suggest that Cashy Karimi simply focuses on herself and her child. She needs to focus on actually putting herself in a position to provide for their child without needing Khaligraph Jones’ input.

I would be advising her to stop telling the general public what is going on between them because when things were going great, we were not consulted on anything including the birth control method they would employ -and clearly, nothing was used.

Khaligraph Jones Ex girlfriend rapper Cashy shows off her figure in tiny black lingerie (Photo)

We simply do not care and Cashy Karimi needs to understand this. Hii story ni yake na Khaligraph Jones, sijui penye tunaingilia. She chose to lay with the man and even when the relationship was toxic, she chose to persevere. She needs to keep that same energy and remain mum on whatever it is that is transpiring between them and their broken family.


Like it or not, it is Khaligraph’s time and money to choose to do with as he pleases and he is clearly not interested in either Cashy Karimi nor their child so she needs to move on and stop her unhealthy fixation with humiliating him through ill-advised public diatribe meant to elicit sympathy. So what if her feminist fans and supporters join their voices to theirs? At the end of the day, she is the only parent willing to actively parent her son she needs to focus on that.

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