Celebrities and reggae fans come together to honor Jahmby Koikai at a special fundraising event

Image: Kenyan reggae queen, Njambi Koikai

Celebrities and reggae fans will come together to honor the late media personality Mary Njambi, known as Jahmby Koikai, at a special fundraiser on Wednesday, June 12, at the Quiver Club on Thika Road. The event will have an entry fee of Sh500, with all proceeds going towards covering Jahmby’s hospital bills and funeral arrangements.


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Many celebrities have shared the event poster on their social media platforms, showing their support. Friends from the industry will also pay tribute to her on June 12, dedicating the entire day to celebrating her vibrant spirit and passion for life.

Jahmby Koikai passed away on June 3 at Nairobi Hospital after a long battle with endometriosis. In an emotional interview during the funeral service at All Saints Cathedral, Jahmby’s mother reminisced about her daughter, calling her a mentor and friend to many. “We should be brave in her name. Jahmby loved you, and you loved her. Thank you so much for that,” she said.

The family has announced that Jahmby’s funeral will take place on June 14 and are currently fundraising to cover the costs. They aim to raise Sh3 million, and contributions can be made using the pay bill number 600100 and account number 242424.


A large number of fans gather to mourn the passing of Njambi ‘Jahmby’ Koikai

A memorial service is planned for Thursday, June 13, with the venue to be announced soon. Explaining the family’s decision regarding her final resting place, Jahmby’s father said, “The memorial service will be on Thursday, and more details will be announced before the funeral on Friday at Lang’ata Cemetery. She will be buried there because her grandmother is buried there, and the family wanted her to be buried close to her.”

He also highlighted Jahmby’s commitment to her community, expressing her wish for her projects to continue posthumously. “She said if her projects could continue, she would be happy. That was her reason for running for the parliamentary seat of Dagoreti North.”

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