Celebrities unite in protest of the 2024 finance bill

There has been an uproar  over this year’s finance bill which is about to pass in the next few days.  It contains controversial clauses such as an annual motor vehicle tax, 16% VAT on loan, 16% VAT on bread, excise duty on mobile money transactions and an increase of taxes on alcohol, 


For a lot of prominent personalities in Kenyan entertainment they are taking action by protesting The Bill. At the front line we have Eric Omondi  who yesterday took to the streets to arrange a demonstration against the finance bill, and also appeared on television to debate it

Then we have celebrated artist Willy Paul  who said on Instagram:


“Guys, go read the finance bill 2024. My God, kwisha!”

Arbantone Artist Maandy also chimed in:


“Call your area MP and tell them to reject the 2024 Finance Bill. Tutamalizwa!”

Betty Kyallo, a former news anchor turned business woman, had something to say about the bill.  


“A BIG NO to the Finance Bill 2024. We have closed businesses, we are ailing economically as a country. We don’t need any more suffering. We need support from our government, not torment.”

For her, these comments come from experience because she has closed multiple businesses in the last couple of years.  This includes her salon, her shelf space rental business and her spa.


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Baba Ghafla