Charles Ouda’s Mother, Siblings Pay Emotional Tribute To Him

Charles ‘Charlie’ Ouda, a well-known actor from Kenya, was cremated on February 15, 2024. His mother Yunia has written a moving ode to her son, recalling their special times spent together.

In a poignant eulogy, Mama Charlie acknowledged the suffering associated with accepting God’s plan in the face of adversity and conveyed her profound sadness at the passing of her cherished son.

She cherished her memories of Charlie’s development into a lively and loving man, emphasizing their special times together, including his function as her regular barber and his kind acts, including making her favorite spicy chicken recipes and keeping an eye on her while at work.

In an eloquent letter, Yunia expressed her deep sense of loss and emphasised that she will always have a particular place in her heart for Charlie. Her message was filled with love and thanks for him. ‘Bye Bye baba!!!’ was the heartfelt farewell she gave her beloved kid.

In a similar vein, Charlie’s siblings expressed their deep emotions as they struggled to accept his premature death.

Recalling Charlie’s path from being bullied to becoming a globally recognized musician who impacted many lives, his brother Clem expressed shock at the death of his baby brother.

Charlie left behind a legacy that Clem honored, expressing his desire that Charlie would meet up with his late parents and sibling in the hereafter.

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